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2019 Wedding trends for your table setting

Defining how to set your wedding tables is among the most important choices that newlyweds have to take when it comes to organise the wedding reception. Also called “mise en place” in French, this term refers to all the elements that, when combined, create the table décor: from the napkin to the cutlery, from the centrepiece to the glasses, and much more. Setting your reception tables has to be perfect, paying attention to all details.

The table setting is closely related to the wedding location, whether it will be outdoor or indoor, as well as to the theme that you might choose for your Big Day. The location will be the majestic and harmonious setting of the event, together with the table setting and the reception.

Let’s have a look at the different elements of the table setting trends for 2019: styles, colours, fabrics and crockery.


Centrepieces take the stage on the wedding table: they are no longer anonymous accessories. They can be placed in vases or they could be hanging from the ceiling or the walls.

If you love a boho-chic wedding, then you could place a bunch of wild flowers in a retro item, such as a frosted glass or metal vase, surrounded by plenty of romantic candles.
If you are more into baroque, another trending style for next year, then you can have a more luxurious centrepiece, featuring spectacular flowers.


Complete your wedding tables with vintage –possibly ceramic- crockery and silver cutlery. If you are following a baroque style, then you can make everything more sumptuous, with decorated plates and golden cutlery. Always make sure to achieve harmonious colour matchings, combining them with the other elements of the table setting.


What style to choose? Carefree, with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, even organic materials, in creamy or beige colours: these are the ideal colours for your tablecloths if you opt for an informal and bohemian table setting.

On the other hand, the baroque style will have deeper colours such as bronze and gold, with some added glitter too, that will surely catch the eye of all your guests and enchant them with opulence.


The trending colours will be slightly deeper compared to the 2018 rural and pastel ones.

If you opt for a gipsy-style reception, you will find blue shades and, among the purple colours, the ultraviolet shade.

Instead, the baroque style gives plenty of space to glitters and gold in all its nuances. Here is a tip for you: add some smaller items to your table setting so that the main colours are not too overloaded.

Did you find some useful inspiration for your wedding table settings?