5 of the irresistible food trends hitting 2017

Versatile, tasty, colourful and dynamic: these are among the key attributes of the food trends hitting 2017 and a must for those menus for weddings, parties and events. Here are 5 trends that we just love:

Green is the new  way

2017 is the year of the vegetable, rigorously organic and in season.  Recent studies have shown that consumers are becoming ever more selective when it comes to choosing products that are in season and with a certain preference for local produce.  This phenomenon has brought fruit and vegetables to the table that have become an inspiration for chefs to indulge their every whim, coming up with dishes that are not only healthy, but also delicious and colourful.

Fusion & International

Over the past few years, ethnic food has become more and more popular, so much so that it has now become an integral part of the cuisine on offer by catering services.  Among the food most on demand, the National Restaurant Association has identified some of the most popular from Asian cuisine, such as steamed dumplings, some Mexican specialities (mind the heat!) and above all, sushi, now omnipresent in the coolest of buffets.

Finger food delight

A growing trend over the past few years, which has slowly won over everyone is finger food. Tasty, pleasing to the eye and, above all, suited to every occasion, this year finger food will continue to delight the palate with recipes that are becoming ever more creative (rigorously served in little glasses, boats and plates, in portions to be eaten in just one mouthful!).

Dare with unusual ingredients

In 2017 the use of new and unusual ingredients is on the up: in first place seaweed (the most popular dulse and nori), which excels in giving that special touch to salads and fish dishes. The advocado is also in fashion, ideal in the preparation of fresh dishes, light and full of flavour.

Go Ahead with Street food

Among the coolest trends of 2017 are dishes inspired by street food. The go-ahead therefore for tacos, mini hamburgers and chips accompanied by tempting sauces, made with first choice ingredients and the greatest of care to delight not only the palate but also the eye.

One thing is certain: whether it be a classic lunch, a brunch or a cocktail we can bid farewell to that same old food and say hello to eatables that are becoming ever more tempting, colourful and versatile, with an eye to the healthy and able to transform something ordinary into extraordinary.

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