5 tips to a trendsetter, eco-chic wedding

Eco-sustainability is ever more important in all aspects of our life, even when it comes to weddings. At the moment, the “green” wedding is one of the biggest trends. In fact, the number of couples opting for an eco-friendly wedding is increasing: from outfits to food, from location to favours. Here are the 5 most important tips to have an eco-chic wedding.


We all know flowers are an unmissable accessories at weddings. However, in 2019, they will cover a leading role, from the bride’s dress to the table setting. Just think of the boho-chic style, one of the wedding trendsetters, also called “bohemian” style, which features the greenery of gardens and –mainly country- flowers, to enhance the carefreeness and spontaneity of this style. Flowers will be found in the bouquet as well as in the bridal hairdo and in the table setting.

Flowers will be matched with items resembling the olden times, such as glass accessories, cans or wooden frames.


An eco-chic wedding requires natural fibres (from cotton to linen), produced by organic and biodynamic suppliers, as well as more unique fibres, such as hemp or nettle. Specialised tailors can tailor the best bridal dress you wish for. Alternatively, you can opt for a vintage dress, for instance something with a personal value (like your mother’s, your grandmother’s, your sister’s dress), which can then be updated by a talented tailor according to the bride’s likes.


A true eco-chic wedding takes place outdoor. Ideally, you need a location with a garden or a park. In fact, here, the ceremony and the reception could take place immersed in the green: just magical. The location should also feature a little church or an area dedicated to the ceremony itself (whether it’s a religious or civil one) that is at walking distance from the reception area. Is it possible to find such a place? Yes, indeed. A Tuscan hamlet like Valle di Badia seems perfect even for all those who wish to have a “sustainable” wedding, thanks to its rural, Tuscan style: cosy and surrounded by nature.


In an eco-chic wedding, the menu might feature vegetarian or vegan dishes. Always keeping an eco-sustainable nutrition in mind, it usually features organic and zero-kilometre ingredients, used to prepare local recipes. The focus therefore shifts on local producers, reducing the environmental impact.


One of the biggest “green” trends is the enogastronomic favours, based on local products. Alternatively, you could opt for a seed and a small vase: when the flower or the plant will blossom, your guests will remember this amazing day.

The eco-chic wedding focuses on simplicity and spontaneity, prioritising its strong relationship with the past.