7 emerging trends to organize a wedding in 2018

Is your long-awaited wedding day approaching? You should know that organizing a marriage ceremony is comparable to that of any great event, in addition to the overwhelming effort it involves, you should take into account the latest fashions and trends that are always as changeable as any other social custom.

In this article, let’s take a look at some original ideas to make the special day more unforgettable not only for you but also for all the participants and, above all, to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally look like a faded copy of other weddings. Here are the main trends that will dominate in 2018 and from which you can freely take inspiration from!


A touch of colour for the bride’s shoes

Bridalwear will always require attention up to their smallest details. However, there are some elements that are more subject to changes due to styles and passing trends.

The first thing to consider is the choice of coloured shoes: they should preferably be original models, comfortable while also maintaining elegance so that they can also be worn for future special occasions. More or less showy, with glitter, studded, suede, sandals, there are so many possibilities and with price ranges that can work for everyone.

It’s a decision that will require a different view, in respect to the traditional patterns, but it can also be a creative way to bring your favourite colour with you on the most important day.

Mood “green”

Attention to the environment and respect for nature now permeates many aspects of our lives, even for wedding day elements.

Flowers remain an indispensable must for every type of ceremony for their reflection of happiness, colour and celebration of life. In particular, we’re seeing a return to the choice of fresh and spontaneous styles that renounces traditional floral arrangements, in favour of more genuine decorations that can gracefully recreate the effect of freshly-picked flowers in the garden. Think of pleasantly-disordered decorations but with well-proportioned dimensions, guaranteeing a purer sense of natural freshness.

Multiple look

Who said that the bride must remain “caged” in her dress from morning until late at night?

The change of your look across different moments of the wedding day is becoming an increasingly common practice. After having (obviously) worn the traditional dress for the most salient moments, it’s possible to turn towards more casual outfits (but always maintaining elegance) for more informal moments such as cutting the cake or after midnight when you can dare much more with a totally different look for dances and fun moments with friends.

Wedding cards as works of art

Wedding cards have always played a crucial role as the actual business card of any wedding.

Avoid the “registered mail” style and choose from the infinity of alternative models to achieve an original, modern and artistic effect. Consider watercolour drawings, paintings and great attention to the use of refined paper and delicate themes. This way, the wedding card can become a small jewel to be preserved.

Photography: return to the origins

Photography is the best way to immortalise the unique moments of a wedding and allow, in every moment of your future lives, to relive the same memories. Today, we’re seeing a desire of returning to one’s origins. Fewer couples opt for symbolic or iconic places (such as monuments of interest). We’re seeing an increase in the desire to return and rediscover simpler places that perhaps had a childhood significance or are places of origin for the couple. In any case, they’re always set in the open air.

Origami mania

This is another trend which is experiencing growing popularity and is especially adored by couples who love DIY.

Paper, by nature, is suitable for many uses, and the use of small origami elements can be convenient for creating funny place cards at the tables, or be applied to the bouquets of flowers or even directly in the invitations. It’s a choice that many have done for the cost savings it brings while still maintaining creativity and the visual impact.

Wedding 4.0

The use of the smartphone is now essential for the organization of a wedding. And it will be even more so in 2018.

There are already plenty of dedicated apps without even considering the fact that the addresses and contacts of the various suppliers are all just one click away. Having a smartphone allows you to keep on top of your various commitments and appointments through your organiser or calendar. Moreover, you can now create a small website where you can gather and post all the information about your wedding and keep the guests updated on the latest news.

2018 offers an intriguing year to get married. There are plenty of opportunities to experiment. Among the trends listed above, which ones do you see in your own wedding? If you’ve got better ideas or if you want to know what’s possible, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.