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A few words of wisdom on your choice of witnesses…

Whether you’re having a civil or religious marriage service, to be legally valid it has to be witnessed by two adults with full civil status and power.

So, legally speaking, you only need two witnesses (one for the Bride and one for the Groom).
But, no matter how intimate the service, it’s rare to see just two. Because, there’s not just the ceremony to think about, as we told you in our post about Roles.
And, of course, this is about involving the people most significant to you both.  That you want to be there each step-of-the-way in your preparations. For the bouquet. The rings.  Your wedding outfits – Traditionally, the most closely guarded surprise of the day!


That’s why most couples select carefully from friends and relatives they want to have close as they make their commitment to each other. Just as they do when they take equally important steps in their lives.
So, as we were saying, to guarantee your day’s a real success, this one has to come from the heart. The only rules dictated by wedding etiquette, are to give at least two months’ notice. And to get a yes or a no as quickly as possible.

That aside, we’d like to share a few tips based on our experience.
Apart from the affection you feel for the people you choose, make sure that it will be as much fun for them, as it is for you, to be there on the day (& that they have the material time to help in the run up!)… To laugh and smile with you in those fun moments… To listen to any wedding niggles.  And, last-but-not-least, be patient with you in those inevitable moments of panic about everything turning out as planned!