A Wedding Day so special it took lunch, 2 cakes and an evening meal to fit it all in

Anyone familiar with Massimiliano and Elisa’s past could only have expected a Wedding like theirs.  Simple, yet special.  Representative of the couple’s love and traditional values. A day so full of events, family, friends and relatives that it took lunch, an evening meal and two cakes to fit it all in.
The story’s like the script from a Romantic film.  A girl and a boy who’ve known each other since they were kids.  Fast-forward 16 years, the two bump into each other by complete coincidence and bingo! They fall hopelessly in love.
Three years on and Massimiliano can’t wait to pop the question.  He just wants to choose the right day. And so it’s to be on Elisa’s 40th Birthday in November 2016.
Things quickly pick up pace. They choose the only place they want to exchange their vows: the Pieve di Santa Giulia in Caprona.  A romantic, Roman church, dear to them both.
And there can only be one venue for the reception, because Elisa was born and grew up just around the corner from here.  So when she brings Massimiliano to visit our quaint little hamlet, it takes just one look to convince him it’s perfect.
What to say about the wedding dress? Because Elisa has her mind made up before she’s even left the changing room.  Romantic, with a plunge neckline and train.
So with these preparations quickly underway, Elisa and Massimiliano set about starting work on the renovation of their house. And just to keep them busy they decide to make all of the decorations for venue all on their own too!  7 months of hard toil follow before their day-long wedding comes around in what’s to be one of the hottest days of August 2017.

Elisa arrives at the church at 10 in a romantic, horse-drawn carriage, a little surprise that Massimiliano had in store for his radiant Bride.
Inside three priests from the couple’s parishes are ready to perform the religious ceremony and to read out a special blessing from Pope Frances. It’s a touching service that brings a tear to the eye of all the friends, family and relations who’ve gathered for this special day.
The Bridal car parked outside is a quirky blue Fiat 500 that puts a smile on your face just to look at.  And so the fun and laughter begins.
At Valle di Badia the couple four instalments that the couple have made for the guests representing their most important values await:  LoveFamilyFriendship and Constancy. Wooden frames and ribbons surround photos, memes and fortune charms for each one.
And at the place setting of each friend or relative, there’s a different good luck charm to be taken away to remember the day. A tasteful arrangement of flowers and a little white tree.  This last present, symbolises the bond between the couple and their guests: the leaves that will never fall from the tree.
And the guests had occasion to express their special feelings and fondness too: from the Pope’s signed blessing; to the photographs and ribbons decorating the lines of grapevines leading up to the church; to the videos showing memories of their childhood; to the parchment scroll in rhyme to keep in memory of the day.  A day brimming with events and surprises, interrupted only by the launch of white balloons and fireworks.
After the cutting of the second cake, some guests leave and some remain to chat until 4 in the morning.   It’s unbelievably late and there’s not even been the time to fit in any dancing!  Just as well the couple are off for a month long Honeymoon. After all the fun and hard work, Massimiliano and Elisa you deserve it!

Location: Valle di Badia
Catering: Aurora
Photos & Video: Sposando.it
Music: AlbyParty
Soundtrack: Il mio giorno piu bello (Francesco Renga)
Flowers: Paola Gronchi, Floral Designer
Fireworks: Magia di Luci di Cecilia Pistolesi
Hair: Roberta Nuti
Make-up: Federica Simonetti
Wedding Planner: The Couple (Elisa Landi & Massimiliano Parri)