And when it comes to the tricky choice of wedding favours…

If you’re organising your wedding and take a quick scroll down your checklist, then sooner or later you’ll definitely come to the item of favours.  The web is chock-full of varying kinds of advice and posts on this, but if you read on you might be able to find some additional tips and hints based on our experience.

It’s a well-known fact that while giving out the favours is usually one of the most pleasant moments of your wedding, it seldom comes around without that slight niggle of anxiety.  This goes both for the newlyweds, often unsure right up to the last moment whether they’ve made the right choice, as well as the guests, waiting for their curiosity to be satisfied, yet unsure if they’ll receive a gift they don’t like but will have to keep as a memento of the happy couple…

Perhaps it’s by chance or through some natural selection process that most of our share a taste for simplicity yet elegance.  That puts us in a position to reassure your guests that we’ve never seen a favour that’s not been appreciated!


We’ve taken a few moments to note down some of the favours that have delighted guests, while being appropriate to the numerous themes of the weddings that have taken place at our hamlet:

Perfumed candlesor artisan soaps, they don’t take up a lot of room, are useful without a doubt …and what better to evoke a joyful moment such as your wedding than a pleasant fragrance?

Gastronomical gifts – What about a memento of the delicious food produced in Tuscany.  This could include biscuits, jams, oil, or preserves, sometimes even made by the couple themselves, and perfect for country-chic weddings and not only… it’s simply a question of packaging!

Wines and liquers – for the wine appreciator, what could be better than a toast to the dearly held couple?

Plants, flowers or seeds – often chosen by hopeless romantics as a tribute to their love, that bloom and grow if they’re treated with care and appreciation.

Spices, tea or coffee, cookery books or kitchen utensils – those who love family life can’t but appreciate a cookery book.

A final piece of advice: whatever object you choose, from the most precious to the most simple, it will always be appreciated better if it’s nicely packaged and in theme with your wedding.