Bridal Statement Jewellery to Glam Up Your Wedding Style

Your wedding day can be totally overwhelming and your jewellery may be thought about last rather than being a priorty. But, in the midst of it all, there are a ton of reasons why jewellery should be primarly thought about…

Not only does it compliment your bridal gown,  but can be an expression of your personality, too… jewels that really have your guests weak at the knees!

Whether you prefer to accessorise your wedding ensemble with dramatic, stylish combinations or to go for a more subtle, elegant look- the jewellery that you choose to wear can say one thousand words about you. Which is why we believe it is important to give it a careful thought. So, perfectonist Brides… this post is for you!

If there is one wedding detail the Bride must get absolutely perfect, it is their choice of jewellery. A precious word of advice from us: jewellery first, and then your outfit will fall into place.

But why, you may ask? Surely your wedding dress is the most important part of your day? Of course, your W-day dress is incredibly important, but in fact, the finish of embellishments entirely enhances your look, making it just as important as your dress. There are a combination of elements that need to be thought about; the tone of your skin, the colour of your gown, and perhaps most crucially, your general wedding style.

If you are going with a passionate and powerful colour theme of red; perhaps a more shiny and dainty jewellery choice should be made. Is there anything that says glamorous more than wedding jewellery that compliments your wedding mise en scene, too?


Now, choosing your wedding jewellery is the perfect opportunity to blend in family ‘heirloom’. Perhaps  you are after something with a more vintage and rustic feel, or you’d simply like to wear something with a little sentiment. As ever, now is the time to please your persistent grandmother and wear her once-in-a-lifetime string of ancient pearls, or to wear your mum’s shimmering bracelet that you’ve never been allowed near before.  Not only will this look stunning, you can wear the show-stopping jewellery with meaning, for a far more luxe, savvy statement on your big day.

There’s nothing more charming than a story to your jewellery, so wear quality pieces you can pass on to your daughter.

Finally, the best thing about your wedding jewellery, is that it lasts you a lifetime. (Well, hopefully as long as the impression your jewellery leaves on your wedding guests!)

Totally timeless.

As we say at Valle di Badia; the dress makes the wedding, and the jewellery, makes the dress.