Civil and symbolic weddings: personalise your Big Day!

Nowadays, more and more compared to the past, couples choose to get married with an alternative ceremony. Their reasons might vary, for instance they could have different religious beliefs or they wish to avoid lavish celebration.

Opting for a civil wedding doesn’t mean giving up a superb ceremony: in fact, you can have a symbolic wedding in your favourite place, in your favourite style.

In the old days, civil weddings could only be celebrated in the Town Hall where one was located, but in the last days, as the number of civil wedding grew, other locations started to be eligible, such as beaches, historical venues, villas. Valle di Badia is one of these places: on the edge of our small Love Lake, any couple, no matter where they reside, can have a civil wedding in a truly British-style environment, surrounded by a stunning grass and towering trees


If you prefer to get married in your Town Hall, you could still celebrate a symbolic wedding in the place that you like the most. Here are a few ideas to make you ceremony even more evocative. We start with the Sand Ritual: Chiara and Luca chose this ritual here at Valle di Badia, and since then it’s been one of our favourite ones. The couple pours coloured sand inside a vase, which represents the union of the lives, a charming way to celebrate their spirituality and making great memories of such an important day.

Another interesting ritual is the Candle Ritual: the couple will have 2 candles, which will be used to light up a bigger one.

The Ring Warming Ritual s also fascinating: the wedding rings are put in a little pouch which is then circulated among the guests, to get to the couple with all the warmth of their family and friends’ hands.

As you can see, all these symbolic rituals are incredibly touching and romantic, but if you really wish to move everyone (including your partner!), try to say out loud or read something you feel yours: it could be a phrase you thought about, a poem, a song from one of your favourite authors… At the end of the day, the best part of symbolic weddings is that they can be personalise so feel free to make your wishes come true! We hope your Big Day will be the start of a long and happy life together with your partner!