Flower bouquets and flower hoops

The flower bouquet surely is the most important accessory for your wedding day: the right one could in fact enhance your bridal dress and your body shape too; on the other hand, the wrong bouquet could ruin the whole outfit.

Luckily we can always rely on wedding trends as well as on many talented floral designers who, being extremely creative and innovative, can help customise your bouquet with special combinations, details and shapes, making sure you will turn heads!

If you are a true #iger, obsessed with Instagram, or a Pinterest lover looking for inspiration for your bridal bouquet, you might have already noticed some of the latest trends worth following… but if you haven’t startedyet, then here is our top 3 wedding flower trends of 2019.


  1. Among the top trends we find the timeless bouquets of peonies, white roses or lilies, often matching sober and classic dresses.
  2. Multicolour flower bouquetsmoved up a few places in the overall ranking: thanks to their mix & match features, these flower compositions have beautiful shades and shapes. Their style is more informal, including simpler flowers like lavenders and daisies that, if appropriately paired, can make the bouquet romantic and unique.
  3. Another relevant trend to take into consideration is the “greenery”, referring to the green colour of the leaves, which are slowly taking over the other flowers in the bouquet.

It is therefore clear that styles like rustic-chic, boho and gipsy will be the most preferred ones in 2019 for all destination weddings, both in the English speaking countries and in Italy.

And if this huge variety of flower bouquets is still not enough for you and you wish to find something even more romantic and simpler, our tip is to keep an eye on the flower hoops trends. Flower rings are wreaths made of small and/or big flowers that can be worn on your arm or held in your hand just like a regular bouquet – they are perfect for the bouquet throwing too.

Flower rings are already a must-have accessory abroad, and they will surely become more and more popular in Italy as well!