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The marriage proposal where the groom kneels down holding out an engagement ring to his spouse is a great classic, but sometimes someone decides to make a break with tradition with a really original marriage proposal.  From flash mobs to proposals on Valentines Day, here are the most extravagant ways to ask your partner to marry you.

1.At the cinema: It seems incredible but some choose to ask for the hand of the one they love at the cinema.To carry out this kind of proposal you’ll need to call the cinema first for their agreement, then make a short video with the proposal to be transmitted after the commercial break, before the film starts. This really is an emotional and engaging way to ask the one you love to marry you, given that the whole cinema will be involved ….. the only problem is concentrating on the film afterwards.

2.With a flash mob: making a marriage proposal with a flash mob is both a fun and original idea.  The flash mob can be planned with the partner’s interests in mind carefully choosing the music, the colour of clothing, choreography and the location in which the event is to take place.  There need to be a lot of friends involved, but a proposal like this will literally leave the other speechless.


3.With a ring hidden in the cake: this method is becoming a classic, even if it is still a bit extravagant.  A ring hidden in a slice of cake after a meal at a restaurant is a really romantic way to make a proposal.  In any case, it’s better to warn the loved one that the cake that’s about to be eaten is a bit special.

4.With a newspaper announcement:  there’s the person that buys up the advertisement space in newspapers (sometimes whole pages) to pop the big question to their other half. In general, announcements of this kind include photos, passionate phrases or citations and are anything other than a discreet proposal (to be avoided, therefore, if the partner has a shy and reserved nature). What to say: to see your photo in the newspapers always makes a certain effect!

5.On Valentine’s Day: for those who are in love, Valentines Day comes around 365 days a year, but some people decide to make this day even more special. In any case, if you’re planning on a marriage proposal, why not take advantage of this special day.  Indeed, the atmosphere is permeated with romanticism, love is in the air and lots of venues organise dinners and thematic events. The perfect frame to make that proposal!

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