What has a journey to do with marriage? Well, first, we have the honeymoon, but the “journey” is also the best metaphor to describe the choice of sharing your own life with someone else.

Danish philosopher Kierkegaard once said, “Marriage is, and will always be, the most important journey of discovery that a man could ever do.” Actually, just as on a journey, marriage needs the courage to leave and then, once left, the confidence to go further, towards your destination, overcoming difficulties, making important choice along the way. A life-long journey together.


The modern concept of “honeymoon” comes from the Victorian Age. In fact, before marriages, two spouses used to conduct two separate lives and the journey was the chance finally to enjoy life as a couple.

This tradition then spread all over Europe, representing an opportunity to travel only available to rich families and, later on, since the 60s, open to everyone else. As a result of this, the number of destinations increased, making travelling all over the world possible.

Nowadays, not only is the honeymoon a journey but also the inspiration for a wedding theme. Moreover, this journey is more frequently open to relatives and friends too, who are invited to celebrate the wedding abroad, together with the couple.


For those who love going on a journey, travelling is the ideal theme for their wedding reception. If marriage is the beginning of a life journey, then why not sharing it with relatives and friends? You could print luggage-shaped invitations or make them look like plane or train tickets.

The location could be personalised with photos or travel posters, and the guests’ tables could be named after the places most loved by the couple. Finally, take a world map and turn it into your wedding seating chart, where the tables will be placed on each country.

A talented cake designer will help you make your wedding cake amazing and turn your wedding favours into souvenirs, to give at the end of this first leg of the trip.


We could also think even bigger and plan an actual trip to celebrate the wedding together with all the guests. Choose a faraway destination, with vibrant traditions, unique landscapes, different to any ordinary locations.

In this way, the journey will be more than just a symbol, but it will be the actual wedding, making this day memorable and extraordinary. It will be a day to remember, for you and all your loved ones. This might be the reason why more and more couple choose to celebrate their wedding abroad.

Italy surely is among the most popular locations, one of the classic destinations for the richest families in the older days. This is where the first honeymoon brought the newlyweds, the country of art. Nowadays, Tuscany surely is the preferred region, thanks to its local food and beverage traditions, historical cities, romantic landscapes, old villages. When reality surpasses fiction, you achieve the perfect wedding.

Marriage is a journey, the first step on the path towards happiness. The first of many journeys together, hand in hand with your other half, wherever life will take you.