Music and Laughter: Just perfect for a lively, yet romantic wedding

A warm spring day filled with laughter, joking, and music yet still romantic. The perfect backdrop for Eleonora and Simone’s wedding.  A simple, yet lively affair with over 180 decidedly young invitees out to enjoy themselves.

Eleonora is 27 and Simone 29.  A beautiful young couple, who’re just dreaming of a romantic, tasteful, and encaptivating wedding. They found out about Valle di Badia through friends who’d married there.  It’s love at first sight as soon as they see it, set the day straight away for the 12th of June 2016, and start preparations.

Almost a year on, the big day finally arrives.  Eleonora and Simone get married in San Martino’s church in Palaia, Pisa, and move on to Valle di Badia straight after for the wedding reception.

The decorations are simple and traditional in style, perfectly suited to the mood of the event and showing the joy and beauty of the two newlyweds.

But the real centre of attention are the couple’s friends, who liven up the day with jokes and laughter and a surprise video that they’ve taken of Eleonora and Simone.  A hilarious parody of their personalities that amuses all the guests and reduces Eleonora and Simone to tears of laughter.

The cutting of the cake (a beautiful fruit millefeuille) and the toast take place at the poolside, tastefully lit up with lanterns.  Dancing follows to the music of Tasten’sax, two excellent musicians, able to choose the perfect music for every moment of the evening. Everyone appreciates the choice of romantic songs and wants to dance. But the slow dances are perhaps the most moving moment of the evening with dresses swaying, time that seems to stand still…everything just perfect.

It’s late night when Eleonora and Simone finally retire to the Mugnaio apartment, exhausted, yet happy, and looking forward to some well-deserved rest. But it’ll just have to wait as there’s just one more joke waiting on them from their friends… their bed is full of sugar!  Thank goodness, the couple are leaving the next day for a wonderful honeymoon in Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand; after all, they’ll be able to sleep on the plane!