Small touches to increase guest comfort on your wedding day

At Valle di Badia, we totally get it that your wedding day should all be about you.

However, in the midst of all the planning, perhaps an idea could be to incorporate ways into your planning in which you can make the people at your wedding feel more comfortable. Infact, doing so is much easier than you believe, and sometimes even the small touches can make for the greatest differences.

Consider these ideas to increase the guest comfort at your wedding!…

  1. Comfortable seating:in the midst of all of the dancing, your guests are most likely to want a seat to perch on for ten minutes or so. This means that you should ensure that you a) have enough seats for your selected number of guests and b) choose seating that is comfortable for both elderly and young invitees! The top secret about this is that if you choose the right chairs, you can double the décor for your wedding venue too. Perhaps a floating banner for the chair, or bold, vibrant colours?
  2. Choose where you place your guests wisely: a simple way to make your guests feel undeniably comfortable. Place them at a table with other guests that they are familiar with. Perhaps, you could try this imperial table setting that we just love at Valle di Badia: it is intimate yet not restricting and it can even spark new friendships, too!
  1. Work with the weather:outdoor weddings provide a beautiful landscape and joyful atmostphere, but summer weddings can be quite hot, especially if your venue is situated in a stunning venue in the Tuscan hills, just like Valle di Badia. Help your guests to stay protected from the sun by providing sunglasses, or simply parasols to stay cool under the sunshine.
  2. Create the right ambience:you can cleverly craft the atmosphere you want to create by including simple touches to your wedding décor: such as these illuminating candles. Whether pillars, tapers, votives, or tea lights, there’s nothing like a flickering flame to give your wedding reception a beautiful ambience. Allow your guests to interact across a simply chic reception table with these stunning lights similar to these –
  3. Personalised name places:you can even handcraft these for that extra special touch. Wedding place cards are an intricate detail for your big day, a delicate reminder that everyone has been thought of and included. One certainly not to miss!

Valle di Badia offers a comfortable and beautiful venue for dream-like weddings. We hope that you have enjoyed reading some of our best ideas on how to increase guest comfort!