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Thank You Cards: a simple yet important gesture for your guests

If you’re of the opinion that the right way to thank your wedding guests can take the form of an e-mail or WhatsApp group then think again … and read on for some advice on how to do better! Thank You Cards, for example, are a detail too often neglected in the organisation of a wedding, yet like all features, contribute to making your wedding unforgettable.  Of course, etiquette dictates that Thank You Cards be sent by traditional post, as no matter how efficient digital communications may be, paper undoubtedly has a fascination all of its own!



Thank You Cards are not only to be sent to all those who attended the wedding.  As a matter of fact, etiquette dictates that these be provided not only to the guests, but all those who took part in the ceremony, or didn’t take part in person, but in some way contributed with a gift or best wishes, as well as all of the suppliers who helped make your day special.
With such a vast audience involved, it’s easy for someone to fall off the radar.  For this reason it’s a good idea to take note of all the good wishes, wedding acceptance cards and presents as they arrive, taking note of names and addresses and adding these progressively to a list (a simple excel file would be ideal). In this way, you’ll not forget to thank anyone.


There’s no precise moment indicated, as long as it’s after the wedding.  They can be sent the the day after, or when you get back from your honeymoon, it all depends on the time you have at your disposal.
If you decide to print cards with a photo of the wedding, you’ll most certainly not have these straight away, as the photographer will need a few days to choose the right photograph with you, then arrangements will have to be made to have the cards printed and delivered. A thank you card of this kind could probably take anything up to 30 days after the wedding to reach its recipient.
If you want the card to reach your recipients earlier, then you’ll most likely have to opt for a card without a photo…  that’s not to say that this second solution is not as stylish or personal, you’ll discover a host of other solutions! For example, the graphic designer who produced your wedding invitations will be able to provide Thank You Cards with the same style and theme of your wedding… with the result guaranteed!