The cherry on the cake? We would rather have a cake topper!

Whether it’s a minimal-chic or a layer cake, there’s no doubt…a wedding cake always needs some customisation! How can you do it? With a cake topper, obviously!
Traditionally, cake toppers were those small figures placed on top of the wedding cake.

The trend started in the States back in the 50s, and it soon conquered the world becoming popular in Italy too


Originally, cake toppers used to portray the two spouses, but in recent years the trend became more creative. Nowadays, you can find cake toppers of literally all kinds of shape.
How to choose the perfect cake topper? If you have a trusted bakery, then you can let them choose the best cake topper for you, but we suggest to personally choose your own one, both because it’s a symbol and because you can then match it to your wedding’s mood. And let’s say it…choosing a cake topper is fun!

One of the latest ideas is to choose a cake toppers with text, like Susanna and Gabriele did: in this case, you would use romantic quotes or special words chosen by the couple.
The “jewel” cake toppers are instead elegant and sophisticated, depicting intertwined wedding bands, the spouses’ initials or other sinuous shapes embellished with decorations and small diamonds.

There is an endless number of options to choose from, and you really can have any cake topper you can think of: they can feature movie characters, means of transport, natural elements and even musical instruments. As long as it matches the other decorations, you can have any cake topper you want.

Do not underestimate the importance of cake toppers and try to give them the importance they deserve. Take into consideration that they are the only part of your cake you will be able to keep and that this makes them literally a “souvenir” of your wedding, besides a way to make your wedding cake unique and unforgettable.