The mise en place for a marvellous wedding

The mise en place of a wedding is one of the most delicate and personal aspect of the most special day. Taking care of the table setting, the places to be assigned and the equipment is certainly not an obligation.  That’s why many rely on catering for this. On the other hand, many want to personally take care of these key elements, in order to give a touch of originality to the environment and to make everything much more personalized and suited to their taste.

Let’s try to sum up some small tricks that can make the difference in making your wedding tableau unique and unforgettable.


The choice of the centerpiece

The centerpiece is usually the most attention-grabbing item, also for its strategic location so that all the guests can look for its beauty. Unleash your imagination and let your creativity free, since you can choose across different styles and options: flowers, fruit, vases, shabby chic candles (the romantic style par excellence), minimal style (for a neat and essential aesthetic). Always remember to give a distinctive touch to the centerpiece of the newlyweds to make it stand out from all the others.

Assignment of seats to guests

One of the question that often creates misunderstanding. According to the wedding etiquette, round tables should not exceed 8 people, at the very most. There’s no any strict rule for the seat allocation based on seniority, status or kinship. In short, everything’s up to the couple’s common sense.

The arrangement of cutlery

We all found ourselves, at least once in our life, in front of the dilemma of the cutlery, that is which is the right one? As regards to their disposition, by tradition the fork is always placed to the left of the plate while the knife to its right with the blade pointing inwards. It always starts from the cutlery placed more externally to the plate (usually used for fish dishes). The dessert cutlery is placed on the upper side of the plate, exactly in the space between plate and glasses. Needless to say, that all must be of the same style to give uniformity and harmony to the tables.

Choose the right tablecloth

The first thing to do is to have in mind those that are the predominant colors inside the room where the reception will be held. This is the best way to choose a tablecloth that perfectly fits the surrounding context. To be on the safe side, focus on light colors, able to guarantee class and elegance in every occasion: light pink, light blue or ivory. In the event that everything takes place outside or in a garden, it is possible to dare more with more bright and lively colors. Don’t forget the napkins: they should always be same color as the tablecloth!

Bonus tip: let’s place a table runner just over your tablecloth. A sure-fire detail to boost your table’s elegance!

The wedding table decorations

There are so many possibilities to decorate the wedding table. First of all, The wedding ceremony will give you the right answer: in the case of a lunch, the candles could be out of line while they would be ideal for a beautiful atmosphere in the evening.

In any case, the rule to follow is to make the table outstanding and well recognizable. In this sense it can help a different napkin (more or less sophisticated), or decorative elements such as small glass vases, candelabras, distinguish floral arrangements, flower petals or confetti scattered across the table.

The organization of a marriage in the individual details is a real undertaking, you have surely well understood it. However, it is also a great opportunity to apply your imagination and creativity in a once in a lifetime occasion!