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Total White for an easy-chic wedding

White represents light, simplicity, air and sweetness. It is therefore only natural that this young bride and groom chose this colour as their wedding theme.

Do you fancy meeting them? Here’s their story!

Ilaria and Nicola met when they were just teenagers, and at 18 years old they were already together. There wasn’t a specific moment when they decided to get married because it came natural to them. Everything about this beautiful couple is spontaneous and simple, and the idea of getting married and start a family together consolidated day by day, naturally, following a path that brought them to the altar.

The wedding preparations only took them a few months, focusing on cuddling and impressing the guests and  making them plunge into a modern fairy-tale.

They chose Valle di Badia by word-of-mouth, as it often happens. Valle di Badia offers an ideal setting that perfectly fits the elegant yet simple style the couple liked, and has that fairy-tale vibe that they have always dreamt of. At the same time, this charming location offers so many corners where to relax, enjoy some shade, have a chat and spend some quality time with family and friends. And this is exactly what Ilaria and Nicola were looking for: their location had to be beautiful as well as practical and functional, because the guests had to find everything easy & comfortable.

We’ve said that they chose white as their wedding colour. What do you think the bride’s dress looked like?
When it comes to picking your wedding gown, Ilaria confirmed that it’s just as most people say: the right dress chooses you, not the other way round. After visiting a bridal store with precise and clear ideas in mind, she ended up trying on a completely different dress…and there she was, enthusiastic, happily spinning around wrapped in a white lace heart-shaped bodice, with veiled shoulders and a wide simple tulle skirt. Ilaria’s veil was long, matched with a bouquet made of candid roses, while Nicola wore a morning dress…because this is how you dress in modern tales!

A poetic wedding seating chart, enriched with the most famous quotes from “The Little Prince”, and a white table setting decorated with white glorious roses added a final touch to the whole location.

Did you say more roses? The wedding cake was covered by a triumph of white roses elegantly placed on waves of whipped cream and was cut at sundown nearby the pool, to end the lunch with sweetness.
After the desserts, everybody started to dance to some classy music, to make the most out of this relaxed atmosphere.

In the evening, the couple finally went back to their “Il Mugnaio” suite for their first night as newlyweds, the day before their honeymoon.

The most touching moment surely was seeing Ilaria accompanied by her moved father walking down the aisle towards Nicola, waiting for her at the altar with his eyes full of love.

After so many emotions, of course there was some laughter: Ilaria threw her magnificent flower bouquet on the roof! While everyone was still amused, they recovered her precious bunch of flowers and she tried again.

“What would you do again?” We asked them.
“Everything!” They said. “The key was relying on professional and competent people.”

“…. What would not do again?” We continued.
They said “Only one thing: I would not be nervous. If you wisely choose the professionals, everything will be alright, and if the guests love you they will love any possible inconvenience too…including your flower bouquet on the roof!”