Wedding cakes: match your wedding’s mood to the perfect cake

Cutting the cake is one of the most longed for event of a wedding, besides being one of the most photographed moments.

Usually, you choose the most spectacular or romantic place to use as evocative setting for your kiss and toast. For instance, here in Valle di Badia, the most popular locations are the swimming pool and the courtyard…and the pictures are always amazing.

Together with choosing the right location, you also need to choose the “Wedding Cake”, which must fit in with your wedding’s mood, the table decorations and even the bouquet. Set your creativity free: choose the shape, colours, flowers and decorations, you’ll be spoilt for choice and you will (almost) always get incredible results.

For our guests at Valle di Badia we chose the best trends suitable for a wedding at our location.

The first popular trend it’s using real flowers as decorations. In the last years, this trend has increased, and it’s ideal if you chose a romantic or country chic style.

If you chose a shabby style, check out the drip cakes. They are unique therefore, if you want to be extravagant, they could really be the ace up your sleeve.

There are also the so-called “jewel cakes”, on which are applied luxury accessories – we even saw jewel cakes with Swarovski pearls or decorated with gold and silver glitter. In this case, the patissier needs to pay extra attention, because you risk creating a “Hollywood party” effect, which is not recommended. If the decorations are well balanced, the effect is extremely glamour, perfect for a stylish wedding.

If you are addicted to customising everything and a simple cake topper is not enough for you, there are cakes decorated with sugar paste. These cakes are real sculptures, and can be adapted to all styles, depending on the talent and creativity of the patissier.  Here again you need not to exaggerate, stick to the wedding colours and avoid having characters that would create a comics effect.
If you are not a fan of the sugar paste, try to ask for a “butter cream” cake, irregular and angelic. It’s an unusual choice but it’s perfect for rustic yet elegant weddings.

Finally, there is the naked cake, a recent trend started in 2016. It’s all about cakes with no covering, only made with sponge cake and visible filling, embellished with simple decorations or flowers. We saw them here at Valle di Badia and their simplicity was elegant, specifically suitable for small weddings.

Are you still looking for other ideas? Try to add some mini cakes or cupcakes next to the main wedding cake. It’s a new idea sure to wow your guests…we’d love to see it here at Valle di Badia!