Wedding centrepiece: 5 different styles to hit the mark

The role of the centrepiece in a wedding table is fundamental, given its nature as an element that captures attention par excellence due to the strategic position it occupies.

Anyone planning a wedding should have an eye for decorating the reception room. Most couples still opt for floral arrangements, a choice that includes dozens of variations: the type of flower, the composition, the shade of the petals. But not all of them adhere to the traditional line, turning their eyes to other valid choices.

But what must we consider to obtain a centrepiece that is perfect for the context?
Basically, there are 3 aspects:

  1. Decide on a “palette” of colours
  2. Decide what to use: flowers or other accessories. The season can greatly influence the process, as not all flowers are available at any time of the year
  3. Evaluate the general “mood” of the event: a modern centrepiece will be out of place in a vintage style wedding, for example To help you, here are some inspiring proposals of centrepieces that you can consider!

Vintage centrepiece 

In this case, the goal is to give the table an old-fashioned look; think of a jump back in the 50s or the “belle époque” or turn of the century. Establish a precise historical period and retrace the fashions and trends in vogue at that time so as not to commit gross errors and successfully recreate the atmosphere of the past.

Minimal-chic centrepiece.

Unlike vintage, the minimal-chic centrepiece is more suited to modern (and very popular) tastes. The minimal style is based on a philosophy of essentiality and order, demonstrating how sumptuous decorations aren’t always necessary to organize an elegant and charming wedding. Minimal chic aims to reduce the composition only up to the most necessary elements while still able to guarantee an excellent result.

Shabby-chic centrepiece

The “shabby-chic” is considered by some to be the most fashionable style today and refers to strong romantic ideals; a style that is based on a sense of abandonment while concealing what was actually a really painstaking job. Lace, pastel colours, out-of-course objects are the most widely used characterizing elements. The shabby style suits the use of do-it-yourself objects, such as tin utensils easily found in every market. Beware of flowers: delicate tones are a must, so feel free to choose amongst bouquets of lavender, hydrangeas and camellias!

Centrepiece with candles

The use of candles is definitely recommended for evening receptions. Their soft light will give a dreamlike atmosphere. Don’t forget to choose the size and the type that integrates harmoniously with the context. In particular, the colours will not have to collide with the rest of the table and the room, creating bizarre and unpleasant effects among your guests.

Eco-friendly centrepieces

Even for all those who care about the environmental footprint, there are endless possibilities to make the tables of a wedding reception original and elegant. Small wooden logs make a nice surface to support a plant or a flower, perhaps wrapped in small jute bags. Even wooden boxes, now also used for home furnishings, can be used as pleasant containers for aromatic plants or bouquets of flowers.

So, what wedding style do you think best suits yours?