Weddings 2.0

If you thought that technology is the enemy of romance and that it will degrade social relationships…well, probably you have never seen a wedding website!

First of all, what is a wedding website and what is it for?

Clearly, a website is a fast, practical, and simple way to share information, even via smartphone. However, when it comes to weddings, not only is a website useful but also is an innovative way to involve and interact with your guests, collecting and keeping the best memories.

Do you want to know more?

For instance, all information related to schedules, addresses and programmes would find its perfect place on your website, enriched with maps ad directions. By sharing the Google Map location of your ceremony with your friends, both you and they will avoid those stressful last-minute phone calls trying to uselessly give or get any sort of directions. It will also be easier and faster for you to announce any changes that might occur.

If you opt to simplify your guests’ life by creating a wedding list, why not publishing it on your website? In this way, you will avoid any breaches of etiquette – just include a short link printed on the wedding invitation giving out all the needed info in a simple, clear and stylish way!

Then, according to the choices made, you could even enable online purchases or online bank transfers, including a personal message! If you want your guests to RPSV, you could do it with a simple web form to collect, in just a few clicks, the right and updated list of participants. If you are planning a destination wedding, besides the directions (which are even more important), you could also add info about nearby attractions, places to drink and eat, shopping areas etc. It will be fun for you to put it together and it will be highly appreciated by your guests coming from abroad.


So far, everything is clear. But hadn’t we mentioned romance and relationships too?

That’s right!  How did you meet your partner and what are the most beautiful memories you wish to share with your friends and family? What are your dreams and plans? If you are not shy, this is the right place to tell more about yourselves, having fun and entertaining or soften the readers. So give space to your photos, videos or even a short trailer! Surely, those who love you will appreciate the opportunity to find out more about you and live some of your best memories.

Moreover, the website will be the place where friends and family will be able to upload videos and photos taken at the ceremony and at your wedding reception, adding comments, wishes and messages. If everyone contributes, the website will easily help you create a priceless portfolio of memories that will stay with you forever.

I love the idea, but do I have the skills to create a wedding website?

Of course you do! Everyone can create their website, you just need to know who to ask for support!
Many platforms (such as, just to name a few) offer you free tools to create your wedding website. It’s just a matter of choosing the theme, customise it and write good content, possibly with a fun tone, and upload your most beautiful pictures. You will see how easy and rewarding it is!

Obviously, free platforms are often basic and might have limits. If you wish to opt for a more advanced solution, you just need to pick a professional web agency or ask your wedding planner who will help you find the perfect supplier. Keep in mind that building a wedding website is becoming increasingly trendier- in fact, there exist new job positions too, such as the wedding writer! You will be surprised to find out that this service is often offered at a quite affordable price, much lower if compared to all other wedding expenses.

If you are into social media, exploit this chance to create your own blog too, perhaps writing about the wedding planning. A tip to start? You could tell your readers why you chose to get married at Valle di Badia: make sure to tag us when you write your first blog post, we will surely bring you good luck for the start of your career as social media influencer