What do you wish for your wedding? …Say it with flowers

The wedding flowers are an important choice: learn about the color and meaning of the most popular wedding flowers, from roses to tulips, peonies, anemones, hydrangeas and more.

The choice of the right flower arrangements and bouquet is essential to create the perfect backdrop to your wedding reception, but it’s not just a question of ambience: each flower can express a different emotion of feeling.

So why not study the meaning of the flower that can best tell what you are feeling on that special day?  To help you, here’s a short guide to the most popular wedding flowers.

Roses  – Romantic Love

Roses are without a doubt the most popular choice of flower for a wedding.  But there’s an enormous variety of kinds to choose from, from full passionate velvet blooms, to a chic closed cup, to little buds to be made into adorable romantic bouquets.

And don’t forget the importance of the colour: the classic white expresses purity and candour; tender pink, affection and comprehension; fiery red, passion.

Orchids –  Beauty and Sophistication

A symbol of elegance and sensuality but also fascination and passion, the orchid is a flower that’s usually given when it’s sure that the passion is mutual ….so great then for weddings!  Especially if you’re dreaming of a stylish ceremony.

Lillies – beauty and purity

In mythology, it was believed that Venus was envious of the beauty of this flower, but beauty aside, lillies symbolise purity and the start of a new life: this is why they’re often used for the bride’s bouquet.

There’s a wide variety of colours to choose from, such as yellow, pink, purple, and violet, but the most popular will always be white – purity itself!

Anemones  – expectations of a new life

In the language of flowers, anemones are a symbol of hope and expectation … what flower could better symbolize your new life together?  Particularly suitable if the couple is young….or very romantic!

Tulips – love and passion

This fragile and graceful flower comes in a wide range of varieties and colours and symbolizes love and passion.  Use these flowers to let the world know how precious your love is!

Daisies – faithful love

Symbol of innocence, faithful love and sharing with others, daisies are often used for more rural or bohemian-style weddings and are beautiful for arrangements on their own, or to accompany other flowers.

Gardenias – joy and sincerity

In the 9th Century, gardenias were often used as a buttonhole by gentry and aristocrats, but women often wore them too, receiving them as a gifts from their sweethearts!   It’s no surprise, then, that gardenias express joy, purity and sincerity.

Peonies – happy marriage

Considered as the Queen of flowers in Eastern countries, this is one of the most feminine and refined of flowers.  For Eastern cultures, these symbolize love and affection and are considered to bring prosperity and happiness to a marriage.  An excellent choice!

 Hydrangeas – deep and burning love

Known as the “roses of Japan” these flowers symbolize the beginning of a new love or the rekindling of a love past. Here, too, the choice of colour is fundamental: white hydrangeas tell the tale of the budding of a new love; if the flowers are blue, this means that the love is deep and burning; while pink means that your partner is the only love of your life!

Valle di Badia has chosen thousands of hydrangeas in each three colours to frame your wedding.  What colour would you have chosen?  Why not send us a photo of your bouquet, or share it on Facebook and tag us!