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When the stars align…

Luca and Eleonora have always lived on the same street in Livorno, just a few houses away from each other.  Yet they met by complete chance kilometres away at a bar in Vada, while both were holidaying by the sea.  Eleonora notices Luca the minute she walks in, and remarks to her friend that he’s the kind of man that she’d marry in an instant.

Only later will the pair discover that they’re neighbours, and wonder why they’ve never met before.  Even more bewildering to think that their Grandfathers were the best of friends, did the same jobs, and that both families have known each other for years.

Another funny coincidence is that Luca’s cousin had a company with a partner of the same surname as Eleonora.  The business card “Chiarini & Ferrari”, now safely tucked away with the rest their favourite keepsakes, already reading like a wedding invitation.

Under this set of fortunate set of circumstances a true love story unfolds, and after 10 years together Luca pops the question to Eleonora on her 30th birthday.

When they get around to setting the date, they start searching for potential venues on the web.  A Facebook post showing the Sala de’ I Granai intrigues them. And on the 7th of July 2016 the lucky couple find themselves at Valle de Badia.

“This has to be the Place!” is the first thought that springs to mind as they get out of the car.  7 has always been Eleonora’s lucky number, so it comes as no surprise that they chose the venue on the 7th of the 7th, and that the wedding date is set for exactly one year later, on the 7-7-2017.

With the location booked their good fortune seems to spread like magic and they’re guided by the good feelings and warmth that they inspire in all of those around them. 

So they choose Aurora Catering for the food, as they love how passionate Antonio the owner becomes when he talks about his business.  Then along come all of the other suppliers, until through word-of-mouth or intuition a pool of true professionals is formed.

The big day finally comes and Eleonora arrives at Valle di Badia in a romantic, vintage Maggiolone.  She’s chosen a white, mermaid-style wedding dress with a fitted nude-effect bodice overlain with lace. A branch of ivy is tucked cleverly into her original clutch lily and rose bouquet for good luck.

Luca is breathless as he takes in the dress for the first time and the moment is captured in the photos taken by friends, as he leans round to admire Eleonora from behind.

The service takes places at the Laghetto dell’Amore, officiated by the Mayor of the Buti, and preceded by a moving speech on the values of family.

While Luca and Eleonora and take advantage of the Park for their photoshoot, the guests gather around the pool, where they are greeted with a cool glass of Prosecco and fresh-up towels, before embarking on the momentous buffet organised in 8 different islands.

An enchanted tableau de Marriage introduces the theme of the wedding, set around the constellations of the stars.

Lilys and mirrors set on the round tables reflect the daylight, which slowly gives way to the delicate lighting of the candle sets.

After dinner, the guests leave their fingerprints on the tree of life, to become a fond memento of the day, before gathering around the pool once more for the cutting of the cake and launch of balloons.

Then they dance and chat into the night.  It’s so much fun no-one wants to leave.  But finally silence falls around the spectacular backdrop of the pool.

Photos by Luca Bagnoli

Catering by Aurora Catering

Flowers by Ape Maia di Cristina Possenti

Music by Los Tres music trio e Lorenzo dj

Dress  by Le spose di Mori