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Your wedding in the dream world that is Tuscany

Why is Tuscany a uniquely stunning location for your wedding, you may ask?

Tuscany with its combination of vibrant colours from its natural landscapes, rustic and vintage details in the untouched and authentic ancient buildings, and with a spontaneous dose of warm, Italian hospitality classifies it as one of the most inviting locations in the world.

Valle di Badia, situated in the Tuscan hills of Buti, a Roman village behind the “Monte Pisano” boasts these exact picturesque landscapes, moreish food and beautiful artisanal products planning your wedding against a backdrop of luscious pine trees and chestnut forests is like a dream come true.

At Valle di Badia, we believe one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a venue is the geographical location of the place that may also offer natural or historical beauties to explore that Tuscany has to offer.

Our guests often arrive from afar to spend the day with the bride and the groom and perhaps they may also choose to stay a few days more days, to visit the magnificent surrounding areas and you may reach some of the most beautiful cities and experience the unique views of Tuscany.


Lucca, a jewel of a town of Roman origins, half an hour drive from Buti, offers a special and suggestive path to walk along its city walls. Built during the Renaissance period, and is among one of the few European cities that have remained impressively intact.

Did you know that Lucca is famous for its regional wine, belonging to the land of good vino and oil that is Toscana? During your stay, be sure to taste the extra virgin olive oil that is sure to get your taste buds tingling, deliciously intense in its flavours…

Less than one hour’s drive from the village, you can also reach Leghorn (Livorno), a bright city port on the Tuscan coast.

Driving along the road to the south, you can walk along the sea and be overwhelmed by the sight of magnificent cliffs that offer a breathtaking view, most remarkably at sunset.

For those who wish to reach the city centre, we suggest not to miss a walk along the canals of the “Venice” district of Livorno (“quartiere Venezia”) where the heart of the city is pulsing.

And last but not least: Pisa, a famous university city, which provides its visitors with not only the sight of one of the most beautiful Cathedral Squares of the world – Piazza dei Miracoli, counted among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987, but also the charm of its buzzing city centre, where the Lung’arno river flows right through the centre and reaches Florence. Not to mention the heart of its commercial activity – Borgo Stretto – one of Pisa’s characteristic main streets with portico and tower houses dating from the 14th and 15th centuries.

At every corner of Tuscany, the natural landscapes are bursting with life and colour. The surroundings are truly magical and speak for themselves.

…In Tuscany, love is always in the air, no matter where your stay. Visit us at Valle di Badia to get a true feel for the Tuscan culture and life-style.