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A boho-chic wedding: from the dream dress to the perfect table setting

If you opt for a boho-chic wedding is because you love nature and the bohemian carefree look with an added touch of elegance. The boho-chic style combines natural elements –especially flowers, together with lace, crochet and pastel colours, to create a relaxed yet smart atmosphere featuring retro vibes too.

Colours span from natural shades to pastel ones, mainly including sage green and lavender violet, and are elegantly combined with retro items such as antique frames, wooden or metal accessories, lanterns, chandeliers and candles.

The boho-chic style is among the best wedding trends for 2019: let’s find out how to achieve it!


The bridal grown features smooth, curved lines, enriched with plenty of lace, combined with a crop top and typically bohemian romantic details. The dress is to be paired with flat sandals and ankle accessories. A simple hairdo with loose hair or with braids perfectly completes the look, perhaps embellished with individual flowers or garlands, as well as with light feathers.

The groom’s suit also features a soft design, with warm colours spanning from brown to red to lavender violet.


Preferably, a boho-chic wedding takes place outdoor. You need a location immersed in greenery and flowers, with an added country touch. The spacious gardens with blossoming flowers and stunning plants and the Tuscan-styled Granary Hall and the nearby accommodations make Valle di Badia the deal venue to celebrate your boho-chic wedding.


The selection of fabric and natural materials, such as linen or cotton in beige, ivory or grey colour are essential elements of a boho-chic style. Graciously placed in the middle of the table, a bunch of pastel flowers combined with green leaves, held together by lace ribbons or natural fabrics in glass vases or in vintage porcelain containers, makes the ideal décor.