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A friend called Cupid

Elisa and Fabrizio are made for each other… and Cupid makes no mistakes!

The Cupid in this story is Bianca, a friend of both, who is convinced that Fabrizio is the perfect man for Elisa, therefore she suggests their friendship on Facebook. At first Fabrizio thinks that Elisa’s profile is a fake (she is so beautiful!), but at the insistence of his friend, he finally accepts the friendship. Our Cupid was right, because just a few months later and the couple are already living together. The choice to get married comes about spontaneously, as a natural consequence of the perfect relationship.

The first step is to choose the location: Elisa takes on the task with a business approach. Research on the Internet and a long list of offers, but as soon as Elisa and Fabrizio visit Valle di Badi, its stands out for its unique tranquillity.  If we want to believe in signs, then the chapel in Valle de Badia is dedicated to San Michele… protector of the Paratroopers…and Fabrizio is a Paratrooper.

The choice of location made and the date set, the preparations get underway and Elisa takes on everything. They want a nice party, simple and contained, an occasion to share their happiness with those closest to them.

The choice of wedding dress has its own story too: a number of offers and fittings until Elisa finds the dressmaker Magnani, which has its own tailor’s, able to make her the dress of her dreams.  A princess skirt in silk chiffon, a lace and diamanté neckline and a detachable bustier, to allow Elisa to move around feely at the reception.  At the fist fitting Elisa has a huge lump in her throat …our Manager is already getting emotional envisaging herself next to her Prince in full Paratrooper’s regalia.

And what can we say about the sandals, seen online on an American website and impossible to find, until Elisa has a replica made by an artisan shoemaker’s in Lucca.  Then Lisa manages to find Tiffany-coloured rice and Tiffany-coloured roses…she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

In less than a year, the preparations are complete and Elisa and Fabrizio get married at the San Michele Arcangelo church in Oratoio, near Pisa.  Straight after the ceremony the guests make their way to Valle di Badia, while the newlyweds make their way to Piazza dei Miracoli in their bright red Maggiolone for the photo shoot.

It’s the 18th of July 2015 and a suffocatingly hot day, while Elisa and Fabrizio stoically withstand the heat in front of one of the most famous towers of the world.  Their guests are already cool under the shade of the trees of the park at Valle di Badia.

The tourists are enthusiastic at this unexpected interlude and thankfully Fabrizio has remembered to bring some water along in his Maggiolone!

Photographs taken, the arrival at Valle di Badia is like an oasis: the hamlet offers various areas protected from the sun to cool down and enjoy an aperitif with a breathtaking view of the park and the pool.

The aperitif is served outside under the arbour of grapes and the dinner in the de’I Granai reception room.  The seating arrangements have been thought out with intelligence and care: the tables have been assigned based on interest, to allow the guests to mix and mingle and to encourage conversation on matters of mutual interest.  A careful gesture that makes it a pleasant and memorable day for all.  A traditional reception, without any special effects, but authentic and meaningful.

Later on, when the music and the dancing has finished, the relatives who have travelled from afar make their way to their rooms, while Elisa and Fabrizio retire to the Mugnaio apartment.  The following morning it is a joy to wake up to the sound of silence, interrupted only by birdsong and the soft sounds of the stream. The guests and the newlyweds make their way together to visit the Tower of Pisa.  The honeymoon awaits and the couple want to enjoy the company of their dear ones.

All the very best to you Elisa and Fabrizio, we await your news!

Foto: NDPhoto
Abito: Atelier Magnani
Trucco: Azzurra Berti
Parrucco: Antonello Red Passion
Fiori: Sara Iaconelli
Scarpe: Marinella Pauli
Auto: Lorenzo Passaglia
Musica: Michele di Ruscio
Catering: Il cuore di Lucca